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Section 3

Given that approximately 40 percent of HUD's current overall budget or $18.9 billion is covered by Section 3, increased compliance will have a significant impact. There are more than $16 million in weekly wages available for Section 3 residents. 

With over $172 million in contracts for residents–Poverty is NOT Our Issue!   

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self sufficiency

There are over 100,000 assisted households actively participating in self-sufficiency efforts (i.e.. FSS, ROSS, etc.) and more than $100 million dollars allocated to fund positive outcomes; Yet, the poverty needle remains constant in subsidized communities. 

Self-Sufficiency is more than finding and maintaining employment!

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health and wellness

Where you live should not determine how long you live.  Addressing Social Determinants of Health is critical to preserving great mental, physical and emotional well-being for public housing families.  Defending our communities is a priority for us. 

Improving the quality of life for our families is NOT Rocket Science! 

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With more than $4 billion in new private and public funds being leveraged through RAD and more than 100,000 jobs have been estimated.  Why are agencies not able to account for economic opportunities for our low-income communities? 

As redevelopment efforts increase land values, the impact on its people should be equal! 

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Rent Reform

According to the HUD PD&R 2001 Quality Control for Rental Assistance Subsidies Determinations (QC) study, 60% of all rent and subsidy calculations contained some type of rent, administrative, or component error.

More than $600 million were made in overpayments and more than $1.7 billion in underpayments.

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Our Network


The One Million Moms OFF Welfareâ„¢ (1MMOW) celebrates and aims to liberate the working poor and unemployed mothers of America who, in a land of great richness and abundant resources, are consistently challenged to feed and shelter their children and keep their families whole in crime-ridden neighborhoods. These moms face these challenges in neighborhoods with our poorest performing public schools and fewest opportunities for youth engagement, employment, access to transportation, and other basic human services. The 1MMOW is an initiative of Can I Live ,Inc., a private resident driven, non-profit organization dedicated to challenge the U.S. welfare system by revealing the problems in policy implementation that, for America's moms, too often promote dependence rather than independence.

To this end, we take the position that all Americans are created equal and possessed of inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness—and to justice under the law. Yet the entitlements provided to millions of moms living at or below poverty are structured to keep them poor while entitlements offered to wealthier Americans and corporations assist in wealth creation and enhanced prosperity.