Is the WEALTHFAIR Tour on Your RADAR?

The WEALTHFAIR Tour is a National Scavenger Hunt in search of obscure federal opportunities triggered by HUD’s Section 3 program. The 300 city WEALTHFAIR tour will visit the poorest public housing communities in America’s most prosperous cities. The WEALTHFAIR Tour brings a message of hope and inspiration that prompts families into action and entitlement policies and programs into accountability.

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Is the WEALTHFAIR Tour on Your RADAR?

1 Million Moms Off Welfare

The One Million Moms OFF Welfare™ (1MMOW) celebrates and aims to liberate the working poor and unemployed mothers of America by empowering them to reduce welfare dependency and achieve self-sufficiency. The 1MMOW is an initiative of Can I Live, Inc., a resident-driven, national non-profit organization dedicated to challenging the U.S. welfare system by revealing the problems in policy implementation that, for America’s moms, too often promote dependence rather than independence.

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1 Million Moms Off Welfare

Fathers Matter

You cannot move One Million Moms OFF Welfare without addressing the needs of fathers. In fact, research shows that you can predict how long a mom will stay dependent on social services just by looking at the amount of child support she receives. With fatherless homes being so prevalent it’s a no-brainer why African Americans who make up 12% of the US population make up more than half of the prison and welfare systems.

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Fathers Matter

Advocating & Advancing Opportunities for the Communities We Call Home.

At Can I Live, we believe that all Americans are created equal and possess the inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness—and to justice under the law.

Unfortunately, many of the entitlement programs provided to millions of families living at or below poverty are structured in a way that keeps them trapped in a cycle of dependence.

Our mission is to provide a proven, repeatable blueprint to breaking free from government dependency in order to start building a sustainable lifestyle of freedom and independence.

Staying Dependent Will Cost Your Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Health

If not stopped, this vicious cycle of poverty will continue for generations to come. Criminal activity induced by poverty will rise, mental health depression will increase, toxic and strained relationships will remain stagnant—which means, teenage pregnancy, single-parent households, fatherless homes, juvenile delinquency, mass incarceration. And, the list goes on and on.

It's a Fact  That...

Bachelor’s degree holders

earn about


more than those

whose highest degree

is a high school diploma.

Trostel, Lumina Foundation, “It’s Not Just the Money

The median net worth of 


is Almost


higher than


the Average





Did You Know...

Financial Aid, Student Loans and Scholarships are NOT considered Income?

Income received from a business does NOT have to be reported in 10 days?

HUD will pay your mortgage for 15 years when you purchase your home using your Section 8 Voucher.

Together, We Can Break the Cycle of Poverty


Who else is more uniquely qualified to help families find solutions than families who have
overcome extraordinary obstacles? Connect and Break the Cycle!

I remember being homeless and going down to apply for help at a local non-profit with my son and being given a tent to sleep in the park. That was the moment, I knew that there was no way I could live like that and subject my children to such living conditions. I followed the principles and strategies of provided by Can I Live and got my life on track. Today, my husband and I purchased our own home, we run a small business and I am almost complete with my Bachelors in Business Administration.

I too, am committed to helping others do the same.

Moira Washington

SMALL BUSINESS OWNER | Can I Live Success Story

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