One Million Moms Off Welfare (1MMOW)

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What is 1MMOW?

The One Million Moms OFF Welfare® (1MMOW) is a 10 year strategy which advocates for systems change and policy reform, innovates program delivery and educates and empowers assisted families to reduce welfare dependency and achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Goals

The goals of One Million Moms OFF Welfare® (1MMOW) are simple:

  • Increase earnings for moms,
  • Decrease dependency on social welfare programs,
  • Increase taxes for local, state and federal budgets, and
  • Spur economic growth for local business economies

The Blueprint to a Sustainable Lifestyle

No more shameful struggling, handouts and unclear or blurry pathways.

Having gone through the welfare system with four children, and learning that this system which promised to provide for me and my family was the one thing that truly was holding me back. I have built the bridge to financial liberty and our partners have built the vehicles by which to travel. 

Our Focus

Together, we will eliminate our dependency and elevate our minds to the higher purpose for which we were created. Until now, we have never had a strategy that addresses the things that make us dependent, as well as the policies that make it so challenging for us to break free.


Through this viable pathway, residents are supported with personal and professional growth, career coaching, life management, systems navigation (i.e., community college and workforce development), and referrals to community resources (i.e., mental health, etc.).


Residents who desire to start and run a small business need support with taking their really big idea and proving market feasibility. Through this pathway, students learn the fundamentals of business and financial principles as they launch their minimum viable product.


Through this track, resident leaders are taught the foundational principles of leadership, governance, and resident council board operation. It is important that residents understand how to negotiate their stake as equity partnership in their upcoming redevelopment deals. 

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An investment in the 1MMOW is an investment in our future

Invest in Yourself

Give yourself a hand-up. Invest in yourself by joining the 1MMOW Empowerment Network where you can get the motivation, resources and support from our amazing ambassadors from across the world.

Invest in Other Moms

We believe that investing in moms is the absolute best investment one can make into the lives of our children. This is not only the right thing to do, but is smart for America's future.

Invest in The Vision

A strong and solid network ensures success. Investing in the Visions' long term growth and future expansions will make our nation more efficient, our government more accountable and our people more responsible.

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