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Mission:  To move One Million Moms OFF Welfare and into homeownership, small business enterprises, and secondary educational pathways.

Vision: To see a society where ALL people regardless of race can build powerful lives without imposed barriers.

Can I Live Housing Authority–is a national tenants association organized as an independent, non-governmental, private non-profit corporation funded primarily through public support. 

Key priorities include changing state policies, increasing economic opportunities and improving workforce and business development options for HUD-assisted families.

As a faith-based organization, we believe that all Americans are created equal and possessed of inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness-and to justice under the law.

Yet the entitlements provided to people living at or below poverty are structured to keep them poor while entitlements offered to wealthier Americans and corporations assist in wealth creation and enhanced prosperity.

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Together, we will eliminate our dependency and elevate our minds to the higher purpose for which we were created. 

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Racquel Williams-Jones (RW Jones) knows first-hand the mindset of poverty and the detrimental effects it has on the decision-making process. A survivor of the merciless welfare system, RW spent much of her life healing from the emotional scars her experience left. She quickly became an advocate for single mothers who find themselves stuck managing social services benefits. 

In the process, RW became a noted national expert on HUD program and policy implementation, community engagement, leadership development and economic self-sufficiency strategies, speaking and leading national conferences, keynotes, and trainings.

RW served as the Chair of the Wake County Housing Authority for almost 10- years.  As a Commissioner she was instrumental in bringing more minority women and Section 3 contractors on as vendors and steering the authority towards redeveloping their depressed housing stock.  

RW has consulted with housing authorities across the nation and with her infectious passion, she connects policy, and programs to increase positive outcomes for the people who call public housing home.  She holds a Master's degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Politics and Law, as well as an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Juvenile Delinquency.

The work of her hands has established more than 250 Resident Owned Businesses for low-income under resourced entrepreneurs who have acquired more than $250,000 in contracting opportunities. She has assisted more than 300 resident councils nationwide with election procedures to become duly elected and recognized by their local housing authorities. She has assisted resident leaders with establishing vital programs such as onsite grocery stores in food deserts for seniors, transportation companies for residents in rural America, GED programming, and child-care centers. Her work has empowered thousands and inspired hundreds to pursue both post-secondary education, open small businesses and run for local elections with at least 3 residents winning a city council seat and 2 winning board of education elections. RW is responsible for bringing approximately $1 million dollars to public housing residents in Washington DC and Topeka Kansas with the Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency (ROSS) grant funded by HUD. Her vast knowledge of HUD programs and policies helped her, and other resident leaders create jobs and unique opportunities that best serve those who call these communities’ home.

RW is the Founder of Can I Live, Housing Authority., a national agency dedicated to advancing progressive housing policy, economic inclusion, and personal responsibility that will move One Million Moms OFF Welfare over the next decade.  

She is also the President & CEO of Brillionaires– a professional training and development company that exist to strengthen public housing front line staff and assist them in becoming more effective in their roles.  

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