Purchase Your Own Home!



Ownership is the Key to Building Wealth!

You finally get your Section 8 Voucher, only to be denied after paying excessive application fees.  The sad reality is, while you have access to a subsidy that will afford you an affordable home, many landlords are denying access to communities that promise better opportunities.

It's unfortunate that families are left to live in less desirable communities that are not safe to raise their children.  So rather than being denied rental access to "choice neighborhoods" let's prepare to own a home in one.

The good news is, HUD will pay your mortgage for up to 15 years and 30 years if you are disabled!  Flip My Voucher will assist you in overcoming current barriers and make homeownership a reality for you!  

Why?  Because Families Dont Want Welfare- They Want WEALTHFAIR!  And the secret to building wealth is homeownership! 

The Flip My Voucher Program is a powerful advocacy and education homeownership program that brings Section 8 renters into the full power of homeownership.  Families invest in themselves to make empowerment, professional development, and housing barrier removal technical assistance a reality.  

Equity, Access and Inclusion should be more than Buzz words! Section 8 Homeownership is Real & Possible!

Let's Go from Welfare - To WEALTHFAIR!

IT IS TIME TO Flip My VoucherTM!

This program provides Section 8 Voucher holders (and those on the waiting list, or relocating with the voucher) with, streamlined action and support to take you from renter to homeowner within 6 - 24 months.* Students are also supported with HUD program and policy expertise, legal and advocacy support, as well as resources to help manage the homeownership purchasing process.  

*No Gurantees.  Results May Vary

Students who attend courses and do the work should successfully complete the program and receive the following:

  • Education & Empowerment
  • Barrier Removal & Advocacy
  • Upskill and Professional Development*
  • HUD first-time home buying certificate
  • Landlord Technical Assistance
  • Home Maintenance Certificate
  • Small Business Development**
  • Access to Monthly Technical Assistance Calls
  • Entrance to the Flip My Voucher House Party Benefit Concert***

*Upskilling and professional development courses currently have an additional fee of $19.49/per mos.
**Small business development courses currently have an additional fee of $19.49/per mos.
***The Flip My Voucher House Party Benefit Concert Entrance is waived for participants who purchase and close on their new home within the Calendar year.
****The application fee of $99 is non-refundable.                                                            

Let's Get Started!


Our process begins with a brief overview of the Flip My Voucher program.  Students learn what we offer and walk away with a clear understanding of  the process and expectations.  

2. become a member

During the info session individuals  receive the application for apply for the Flip My Voucher Membership.  Depending on your needs and budget, additional low-cost courses are made available.

3. Access services

Official members receive a welcome email and onboarding call to assess where you are in the Ready-Set-Go process!  All members are invited to the Flip My Voucher Bootcamp which initates services.

Frequently Asked Questions


HUD allows residents to purchase their own homes utilizing the power of your Section 8 Voucher!  The barriers exist sometimes with housing authorities not participating, banks not underwriting the transactions, and most often families not being prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.  Flip My Voucher fills the gaps in helping families prepare for homeownership, advocating for access, and collaborating with lenders who are willing to finance homes purchased through the Section 8 Homeownership program.  

We believe if you are committed to the process, and follow the steps identified in your housing action plan, then you will be successful in Flipping Your Voucher!  We make NO guarantees as results vary from family to family. 

We ask that the members be flexible and open to possibly moving to another jurisdiction that will allow your voucher to purchase a home.  This is in the event, all other strategies fail.  


Great question!  Unfortunately, all housing authorities dont participate in the HCV homeownership program as it is optional.  However, as a member, there is power in numbers and this is where your Flip My Voucher membership proves valuable.  Our team of HUD program and policy experts will communicate with your local housing authority to see what can be done to add the program to their administrative plan.  If our communication is unsuccessful, the Flip My voucher has additional education and advocacy to assist residents in advocating for the places they call home.  Be sure to let a member of the team know if your housing authority does not participate in the housing homeownership program.   


You can find out who manages your Section 8 Voucher and if you currently have a "travel voucher" simply by calling your case worker.  In the event, you dont receive a timely response, go to the office where you recertify.  This is the office that would typically manage your voucher.  Is it a housing authority, privately owned entity, non-profit, city or county?  These are the questions we need to know once you enroll.  

Who is ELIGIBLE to Participate in the Program?

The criteria for participating in the “Flip MY Voucher" Program is different from the criteria for participating in the HCV Homeownership Program. 

Flip My Voucher Membership is open to individuals that:

  • Currently have a Section 8 Voucher 
  • Are currently living in public housing awaiting a Section 8 Voucher to relocate
  • Are currently on the Section 8 waiting list
  • Are currently relocating with a voucher and need rental help (we help with this as well)


You can pay for the membership in 4 installments of $24.75.  Once your membership is paid in full, you can begin accessing the services provided for members.  Remember, you have to invest in where you want to be, not from where you are.  Don't look at the situation and say, "I cannot participate because I dont have the funds".  But rather, "How do I get the funds so I can participate".  We pay for the things we want.  If you want this, you will find the resources. Homeownership is a big step.  And you and your family are worth the investment. 

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