Stop the Poverty Trap...

With The Great Escape!


Attention ALL Moms Who Want More!!

If you are tired of,

  • Working to only end up broke before Payday,
  • Being penalized with large benefit cuts as soon as you find employment,
  • Hiding income and or missing out on opportunities, and
  • Racking your brain on how to make your 1 +1 =2, legally.

Join us for the One (1) Hour  

Great Escape Masterclass!

During the Masterclass, You Will Learn How to Legally:

  • Maximize and Leverage Your Social Services Benefits

  • Increase Household "Income", and

  • Avoid Rent Increases (if you live in subsidized housing)

What Other People Say...

My experience with the ROSS program has been truly amazing. Despite being out of the workforce for over two years, ROSS has enabled me to strengthen my skills while teaching me many more. With modules like the Power of Vision, the Skills to Pay the Bills, and The Art of Showing Up, the program helps students envision their professional goals, acquire the necessary skills for success, and land their dream job. The instructors are incredibly dedicated and committed to the success of each student. They go above and beyond to offer support through various channels like text calls, emails or chats.  And I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their career prospects. Thank you. 

Ronika wheeler

My experience with the Ross program has been wonderful. It has helped me uplift my resume and it has given me a new bio. And it has also helped me to climb the ladder and feel comfortable in a work environment. It has given me skills not only to work in the workspace, but to work at home as well. That has helped me in every stretch of the life aspect. We recently acquired skills not only for the workplace, but, as he said, at home, where we got engaged. And I think that can I live? Played a big part than that. And they have Motivational Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays and Financial Fridays. You don't want to miss this. Not at all.

John wood gladden

In conclusion, Can I Live was a game-changer for me. After struggling for so long, I finally found a program that offered me the support and training I needed to pursue my passion for visual design. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make a career change or develop new skills. It truly made a difference in my life.

coumba gueye