Let's Build Thriving Communities


If No One Will Build Affordable Housing-WE Will Built it Ourselves!

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Can I Live Housing Authority believes that together we are truly better!  Instead of asking for others to build affordable housing, Let's Build it ourselves!

Take a look around you...What do you see? Cranes in the sky means someone is building!  

But you and your family are not in a financial position "today" to afford such luxury.  While we'll work on increasing our incomes,  let's ensure we protect our children from violent, crime-riddled communties that rob them of their futures!

You Got $5 on it?

We've Helped over 1,200 Residents...

  • Exit the Welfare System
  • Enroll in School and Training
  • Open Successful Businesses
  • Purchase Homes using Section 8
  • Create Childcare Centers
  • And, So Much More!