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In the time of conversations centered around Inclusion, Diverty, Equity, and Access (IDEA), it is important that these words move beyond "buzz words" and become "intentional efforts" practiced by our institutions.  

The hard truth is– if families want to be empowered, we will have to empower ourselves.  Our membership allows residents to get in the drivers seat of their own lives to begin to enact the change they desire to see.  

We have helped more than 300 councils get re-established, created over 100 resident owned businesses, provided more than $600k in Section 3 contracts, and enrolled 1000's into post-secondary educational & training pathways.

We've Helped over 1,200 Residents...

  • Exit the Welfare System
  • Enroll in School and Training
  • Open Successful Businesses
  • Purchase Homes using Section 8
  • Create Childcare Centers
  • And, So Much More!

Why Choose Can I Live?


There is a reason why we exist and have remained a growing concern. Because we are the best at what we do and there is no one else who does it better–and we mean NO ONE!

Equitable Systems Change

 Can I Live understands that our problems cannot be solved by traditional means.  We believe the process of shifting narratives, relationships, and power dynamics must be fostered from the bottom up!  

CIL is uniquely postioned to address both the policies and patterns of practice that create cycles of dependency and poor outcomes for low-income families.  

Policy, Education & Advocacy

CIL advocates for the communities WE call home.  This starts with providing residents with a strong foundation of their rights and responsibilities found in the  Code of Federal Regulations (24 CFR 964, and 75).  We beleive informed families make better intelligent decisions.    

Therefore, we provide our families with high quality training and relevant information that helps protect and reduce their risk of economic faliure.  

Ecosystem Builder (Small Business) Support

 The secret to financial freedom for low-income families is through business ownership.  A cornerstone to the Section 3 federal provision, resident owned businesses need capacity building, technical assistance and support.  

CIL develops entrepreneurs with "a dollar and a dream" to gain contract performance in order to competitvely submit and win RFP's and bids.