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Strong Residents Build Thriving Communities

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Every community has residents that want to be financially strong, powerfully informed and in control of their own destinies.  And, every public housing authority strives to become a high-performer who enables people to live better, stronger, more powerful lives.

When residents are not motivated and engaged to participate in programs offered by the PHA, the housing staff is left feeling ineffective, tired, and frustrated.

At Can I Live, our team has been through the system. We know first hand the barriers that stand between residents navigating poverty and the housing staff who serves as their guides.  For this reason, we created our Resident Services Support Team membership.

We have helped more than 300 councils get re-established, created over 100 resident owned businesses, provided more than $600k in Section 3 contracts, and enrolled 1000's into post-secondary educational & training pathways.

Can I Live's Resident Services Support Team (RSST) Membership is available to Public Housing Authorities  who administer and manage public housing and section 8 subsidized properties.  

We've Helped over 1,200 Residents...

  • Exit the Welfare System
  • Enroll in School and Training
  • Open Successful Businesses
  • Purchase Homes using Section 8
  • Create Childcare Centers
  • And, So Much More!

Why Choose Us?


There is a reason why we exist and have remained a growing concern. Because we are the best at what we do and there is no one else who does it better–and we mean NO ONE!

Equitable Systems Change

 Can I Live understands that our problems cannot be solved by traditional means.  We beleive the process of shifting narratives, relationships, and power dynamics must be fostered from the bottom up!  

CIL is uniquely postioned to address both the policies and patterns of practice that create cycles of dependency and poor outcomes for low-income families.  

Policy Education & Advocacy

CIL advocates for the communities WE call home.  This starts with providing residents with a strong foundation of their rights and responsibilities found in the  Code of Federal Regulations (24 CFR 964).  We beleive informed families make better intelligent decisions.    

Therefore, we provide our families with high quality training and relevant information that helps protect and reduce their risk of economic faliure.  

Work Readiness / FSS & ROSS Support

In challenging the status quo and changing America's poverty narrative, our outcomes prove one major fact– that our families dont want Welfare, they want WEALTHFAIR!  In order to do this, families have to be adequately assessed, aligned and supported as they navigate the welfare cliff.   

We provide our members with access to programming that removes barriers, restores hope and ignites families into action.  Our team can motivate the hardest to serve populations. 

Business Technical Assistance & Support

 The secret to financial freedom for low-income families is through business ownership.  A cornerstone to the Section 3 federal provision, resident owned businesses need capacity building, technical assistance and support.  

CIL develops entrepreneurs with "a dollar and a dream" to gain contract performance in order to competitvely submit and win RFP's and bids.  

Resident Council Leadership Support

Strong resident councils are the engines that build thriving communities.  However, they dont happen by accident.  They are the result of deliberate and proactive training and development choice exercised by progressive housing authority leaders.

Our tools help staff effectively manage the ins and outs of effective governance,  all while building the capacity of community leaders to diligently represent the interests of their respective communities. 

Section 3 Marketplace Solution

As a Section 3 Business Concern, HUD financially assisted entities (members) are able meet and in most cases exceed best efforts, and safe harbor benchmarks.  

With more than a dozen full and part time section 3 and target section 3 workers, our labor hours will help you exceed the 25% section 3 workers and 5% targeted section 3 workers benchmarks.

How to Get Started

Creating Thriving Communities Isn't Rocket Science!

Our strategy delivers the information, resources, and support to your residents to help increase self-help initiatives, self-sufficiency, and overall quality of life for families.

Getting started is easy...


Join Us By Becoming A Member

Become a member by completing our application, reviewing, signing, and submitting your member service agreement, along with your membership dues.


Attend On-boarding Session

Attend our new members "Getting Started" webinar that is facilitated once a month. Once you are properly onboarded, your agency is granted access to their membership benefits.


Enjoy the Community Transformation

Transform your communities with the help of your newly engaged, active and thriving residents.  Enjoy as you watch your community transform right before your eyes. 

Membership Pricing & Fees


Priced for agencies with 10k+ units.  Other fees may apply (i.e. onboarding,marketing & engagement, etc.).  Custom support packages available for others.

$25.00 unit/per yr

  • Duly Elected Procedures (Electronic Elections) NEW!
  • Third Party (E-Verification) NEW!
  • 24 CFR 964 Education & Training (Self-Paced Modules)
  • RADAR Radio Podcast for Live Technical Assistance
  • E-Book with Over 2 Dozen Frequently Used Templates 
  • Section 3 Marketplace Solution & Reporting


Priced for agencies with 10k+ units.  Other fees may apply (i.e. onboarding, marketing & engagement, etc,).  Custom support packages available for others.

$55.00 unit/per yr

  • FSS, ROSS & Jobs Plus Long Term Self-Sufficiency Strategies
  • Life / Accountability Coach & "Red Carpet" Referrals
  • Career Pathway Assessments & Alignments
  • Section 3 Employment & Internship Placement
  • Work Readiness / Upgrade Resume Lab (URL)
  • Section 3 Marketplace Solution & Reporting


Priced for agencies with 10k+ units.  Other fees may apply (i.e. onboarding,marketing & engagement, etc.).  Custom support packages available for others.

$75.00 unit/per yr

  • All the features in the Leadership & Self-Sufficiency Support Membership
  • ROBI Business Bootstrap programming (i.e. business planning, licensing, financial and mental health coaching
  • ROBI Marketing Toolkit
  • Pitch Competitions, and Marketplace Pop-ups
  • Section 3 Marketplace Solution & Reporting