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Moms want WEALTHFAIR–Not Welfare!

We spend $ 1trillion per year fighting poverty and fail! Moms make more money sitting home than they do if they work! It's time to tell Congress to make America's WEALTH-FAIR for all!

You cannot move One Million Moms OFF the Welfare System without addressing the needs of fathers

Let congress know we should “Educate and Not Incarcerate" fathers for failure to pay child support.

Public Housing Lives Matter!

HUD’s inspectors care more if trees touch the buildings than if a mom loses her son due to gun violence in his community! Let's HUD and Congress know the overall quality of life for residents MATTER!

Support Tenants Opportunities to Purchase-TOPA!

If public housing residents can endure poverty and deplorable living conditions for decades, they also deserve to share in the prosperity with the owners of the place they call home.

Give me Equity or Give me Section 3!

As Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) mantra become America’s new promise to black and brown communities let’s ensure this in both word and deed.