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Technical Assistance & Governance (TAG) Package

$1,200.00 / month

This additional membership service is available to councils as they begin to grow in their strength and power.

Non-Profits Setup: Non-profit set up at the state and federal level (short form 1023), with ongoing consultation (Short Form 1023 and State filing fees are separate). This is ideal for new councils looking to begin doing the work needed in their local community

Grant Writing: Our back-office support team will write one (1) grant (per month) with grants ranging from $1000-$10,000 max. This helps to become more independent from the local housing authority and have discretionary funds outside of HUD dollars.

Program Evaluation: Program evaluation and development services, with ongoing consultation, provide feedback and recommendations regarding organization structure, program efficiency for funding being received through grants.

Consulting, Guidance, and Support: Running and operating a non-profit is serious work and requires due diligence in the overall administration (i.e. document management, annual filings, reporting, and fiscal responsibility). Councils will need this consultation as they grow the work and become sustainable organizations within their local city and state.