Make Your Selection

Pick which option is best for your organization based on the type of training needs of your residents.

self-paced instruction


Basic Training Online Course with short self-paced modules

Course Access for 1 Year

Includes RADAR E-Workbbok and Templates


Auto-renews per year / cancel anytime

live virtual instruction


Basic Training course with live monthly  virtual instruction

Course & Training Access for 1 Year

Incudes RADAR E-Workbook and Templates


Auto-renews per year / cancel anytime

training & elections


duly elected procedures with live monthly virtual  instruction 

Course, Training & Election Access for 1 Year

Includes 5 RADAR Workbooks and Templates


Auto-renews per year / cancel anytime

Looking for Live (Face-to-Face) Community Engagement & Education?

Look No Further!

If you are an agency who struggles with attracting quality leaders to the task of governance, then look no further!  RADAR is the premier training and development choice for resident leadership.  Our in your face dose of tough love is what keeps resdients raving about RADAR!

  • Strategically attract suitable leadership for resident councils.
  • Frame and message the power and importance of resident councils.
  • Create Community Buy-In from those with vested interests.

Drive positive change by reducing crime, promoting self-sufficiency and empowering community leaders to take action with RADAR!