Realistic Approaches to Developing

Active Residents !


Why Your Resident Council Needs RADAR

Strong Resident Council's are the engines that drive thriving communities. However, they do not develop by accident. They are the result of deliberate and proactive training and development choices exercised by Progressive Public Housing Authorities.

Unlike other resident council training programs, RADAR is a dose of Reality! It offers leaders real solutions that can be implemented NOW, leveraging existing tools and resources.

Learn the best strategies and techniques to motivate your residence firsthand, and become empowered through a community of leaders all with one goal–Access, Inclusion, and Opportunity!

Together we can

Move Your Residents Forward


Meet Compliance Guidelines

Increase Resident Participation

Strengthen self-SUFFICIENCY Activities

Save VALUABLE Staff Time

Establish a Viable Partnership with the council

Create a Climate of Independence

RADAR Training Programs & Services

RADAR training is a structured, research-based, hands-on training program designed to equip Resident Councils with the necessary skills required to represent the interest of their respective community. In general, the program encompasses the role of the resident councils' effective meetings, budgeting and fundraising, community safety, and a review of HUD Resident Council Regulation requirements. 

Get Access to Valuable Training Materials

Increase credibility and efficiency with our most frequently used forms and templates that take the guesswork out of leading with confidence.

Whether you're organizing your next election, drafting a partnership agreement, agenda, or survey–The RADAR Premier Resident Council Leadership Training Workbook will keep your team organized and professional.

Learn the Basics to Building Thriving Communities

Great for public housing authorities, and publicly or privately managed section 8 and tax credit communities. 

The Role of Resident Councils

Improve the quality of life, resident satisfaction, safety, and participation in self-help activities for those who call your community home.

Leadership: More than a Title

The work of a good leader is never done. Get the tools to help you make better decisions that create win/win situations.

Partnerships: Strategic Teams

Understanding whose at the table and what is truly driving their motivations are the first steps in establishing your allliances.

Effective Meetings

No one wants to meet for the sake of meeting. All meetings should have a clear objective. Prevent your meetings from getting out of control so the work gets done!

Money Matters

To spend or not to spend? Whether you're starting from scratch or allotted a small amount from management, learn how to leverage, maximize, and grow your funds.

Increasing Participation

Access the techniques required to get resident buy-in, engagement, and participation from the gate. Build relationships at work for you and not against you.

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