Resident Resources

24 CFR 964 (Public Housing & Section 8 Resident Power to Influence Housing Operations)

Click to view.  This law unveils the power (rights & responsibility)that every resident in Public Housing and Section 8 has just by having a lease and receiving the HUD subsidy. 

24 CFR 964.120 (Resident Management Corporations)

Click to view. This law unveils the power residents have to operate and manage their own housing communities.

24 CFR 970.9 (Resident Opportunity to Purchase)

Click to view. This law unveils the power that residents are suppose to have when the housing authority is seeking to demolish or dispose of public housing units.

24 CFR 963 (Contracting with Resident Owned Businesses)

Click to view. This law unveils the rights of housing authorities to utilize alternative contracting procedures to ensure Resident Owned Businesses have a fair shot at accessing contracting opportunities.

24 CFR 75 (Section 3: Economic Opportunities for Low-Income People)

Click to view. This law unveils the requirement of public housing authorities and cities that receive certain HUD financial assistance towards helping low-income people access employment, training and CONTRACTING opportunities.

PHA Plan Sample

Click to view.  This plan has been redacted (reduced) for the purposes of providing a clear and concise example of how to read the PHA's Annual and five(5) year plans. 

Sample Lease (Modified)

Click to view.  This document represents an example of what the Durham Housing Authority Resident Advisory Board (Durham, North Carolina) did to enforce resident participation. See Page 5, #29 for reference.

Bylaws Sample

Click to view.  This sample of bylaws is to give you a frame of reference.  Be sure to check the RADAR workbook table of contents for the Bylaw downloadable template. 

PIH Notice 2013-21 (TPA Funds Allowable and Unallowable Activities)

Click to view.  To spend or not to spend, that is the question.  This notice was issued by HUD in 2013.

Resident (Mock Council) Script

Click to view.  This fun and interactive activity help councils keep their meetings on track despite the many disruptions.

Budget Narrative and Sample

Click to view.  This budget example is here to help you with organizing how and when you are spending your TPA funds.

ROSS 25% Set Aside

Click to view.  This document is a sample of how resident councils who apply for ROSS funds can use the 25% non-competitive set-aside.

Section 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Click to view.  This document is the most recent FAQ about the HUD Section 3 program.