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We get it! When you go to work, you lose much needed social services benefits.  While you might not be a wall street broker, you know your 1+1 is not equaling 2.  The reality is when you take one step forward, you're pushed five steps backwards. This makes you feel frustrated as you struggle with defeating thoughts and beliefs about your abilities.    

Those Days Are Over!

At Can I Live, we have literaly walked in your shoes, and have learned pivotal loopholes (legal) necessary to escape the Welfare Trap!  We can teach you how we did it, so you can do it too!  

We can show you how to keep your life sustaining benefits, Increase household cash while preventing your HUD subsidized rent from increasing. 

We can help you GROW yourself out of poverty!

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

- Whitney Young

Reduce Your Risk of Economic Failure

Can I Live's ROSS 2.0 program provides you with the Skills to Pay Your Bills!  Our professional makeover is infused with confidence boosting, upskilling and purpose awareness activites you need to confidently sell yourself and deploy your gifts on their next assignment. 

ROSS Professional Development Course!

The intent of the ROSS 2.0 program is to provide low-income individuals with exposure to 21st century-post pandemic skillsets that will aide them in reducing their dependency on government subsidies. 

There’s nothing worse than working a job you hate, and so we help students identify their skills and then deploy those skills on an assignment.  An assignment they control and one which closely aligns with their innate skills and passions. 

ROSS Professional Makeover Includes:

  • Self-Identity & Confidence Courses
  • Powerful personality & purpose  assessments
  • Natural gift development (to help find occupations that align with your personality & purpose.
  • Life Coaching-Not Case Mangement
  • Financial & Mental Health experts
  • Skills Study & Lab Projects
  • Professional Resume, & Cover Letter
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Professional Headshot Photo

How much does ROSS cost?

ROSS 2.0 is a Workforce Development Training Program that is offered to Individuals in certain states for FREE!  Currently, ROSS 2.0 is not offered in every state, please attend an info session for current state openings.  We have provided a ROSS 2.0 Extended version through our membership for serious students at $19.49 per month.

The extended version of ROSS 2.0 does not offer the professional resume, cover letter, headshot or LinkedIn Profile. However, we will provide you access to this service to pay on your own.   

Who is eligible for the program?

ROSS 2.0 program participants must be at least 18 years of age, with access to a laptop or personal computer, and high-speed internet or wi-fi connection.

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Stop applying for jobs you hate and instead upskill and retool for the position that aligns best with your passions & gifts!